Wednesday, July 04, 2007

holy sh*t

I learned the results from my CT scan today:

"There has been very substantial response to treatment. Widespread metastatic disease to the liver has regressed remarkably...Very significant response to chemotherapy...the remaining parenchymal nodules and evidence of scarring are difficult to evaluate for viable residual disease."

In other words, they could find no evidence of the cancer, just scars to show where the tumours once were.

The doctor who works with my oncologist said, as she passed me the report, "I want to frame this." She was beaming.

This doesn't mean I can quit chemo (or, especially, Herceptin) but it does mean that, at least over the summer, I will go less frequently (receiving treatment every three weeks).

There are very likely still cancer cells in my body but they appear to be impossible to locate, at the moment.

As my doctor said, "This is as good as it gets."

I am in shock, and completely elated. I keep re-reading my ct scan report and have yet to bring myself to tell anyone (my spouse knows, because he was with me). I was very optimistic that I would at least learn that my tumours were stable and was hoping for even better news. But this, honestly, is almost beyond my wildest dreams.

I have some thoughts on why my health has improved so much and how I do feel that there is a two-tiered health care system but I'll save that for another day.

Going to go pinch myself now.


Anonymous said...

To call this "wonderful news" is an understatement. What a birthday present!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am thrilled for you. You can breathe, it is real. You've shared your news with us, share it with your other friends too!

I am so happy for you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and happy 40th birthday.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's incredible. I'm so happy for you and your family. Congrats!!! Oh, and congrats to your doctors, they've clearly done a terrific job.

Anonymous said...

Yes! My elation is alloyed only with my confusion over your decision to pass up such an obvious opportunity to change your blog rating from PG.

Anonymous said...

I'm beaming, woman. Just sitting here, beaming.

Anonymous said...


I'm so so happy for you, with this news. Enjoy the celebration!


Sepha said...

Holy crap!! Fantastic! Hooray!
I am so happy for you. Brilliant, brilliant news. Enjoy it ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great way to begin your month-long birthday celebration! I am sitting at my desk with happy tears in my eyes. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Great news. I couldn't be happier for you, your family, and the rest of us who have the pleasure of knowing you.


Jordanovich said...

Lots of love, KJ

Anonymous said...

Laurie, I'm in tears with happiness for you and your family. Now you can really enjoy your trip! luv liz

Anonymous said...

OMG, you just made my day! I am absolutely full of joy for you.

I will keep the positive thoughts coming for continued awesome results!

Hope your 40th year is filled with happiness,


Anonymous said...

This is just fantastic! I'm so happy for you! Happy Birthday!
Julie C.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog since a friend of mine at PSAC sent me the link earlier this year.
My mother was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer last summer and is doing well...and every day I look to see how you are doing as well.
Today you have brought tears to my eyes. I can only imagine how elated you are!!! Enjoy this news. It's fantastic and definitely warrants some cake and wine!!! Birthday presents like this are hard to top...

Anonymous said...

To quote yourself - HOLY SH!T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's the best news I've heard all YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

*happy dance*

jacqueline said...

for you and your boyz!!! xo

Anonymous said...

Terrific news Laurie. I am very happy for you and your family. Holy, holy, can't stop grinning, love loulixoxo

Anonymous said...

Simply fabulous!
Just like u r.

Anonymous said...

Laurie~ Just joining in on your celebration...I am rejoicing with you all the way down to my toes!
My prayers continue,
Comrade L

Anonymous said...


Quelle belle nouvelle! Ça met du soleil dans ma journée! Bonne fête! Y'a de quoi fêter! C'est toujours un plaisir de te lire!!


Anonymous Me said...

Hi. I'm a newish reader - I've been checking in via Flippy. Congratulations on this awesome good news! I'm really happy to hear that today.

Anonymous said...

I heard your good news last night and I'm really happy for you and your family. This kind of news was long overdue!


Michael said...

Mel and I just got back from Aylen Lake, so we are a bit late in learning of this wonderful news!

After returning with Xander from a grocery walk I found my lovely wife with tears of joy in her eyes, and we are still smiling! We'll let you enjoy this and let it settle in and hopefully there will be a chance to celebrate soon.

Anonymous said...

This is such fantastic news! It never ceases to amaze how, just when the obstacles in life seem insurmountable, things somehow work out. I hope that your Chicago trip is wonderful - may the 40th birthday celebrations continue on!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - I am so happy for you. Wishing you a wonderful summer. Congratulations.

Het said...

I am breaking out of lurkdom to say how happy I am for you. Happy Birthday news indeed.

May your doorstep only be darkened by good news.

Anonymous said...

I'm late to the party Laurie, but I still wanted to say how happy I am to hear of your wonderful news.