Wednesday, July 25, 2007

update to 10 seconds

It occurred to me in the wee hours (my body is still very confused, having awakened at 4:00 am yesterday) that if I had written my blurb two years ago, a mention of my work would have been near the top of my list.

I was definitely someone who defined myself by the work I did (research/communications for a public sector union).

Cancer has made me re-define myself.

I miss working.

But the silver lining here (other than a renewed appreciation for the myriad other good things in my life) is that if it weren't for the cancer I would not have re-discovered my love for writing.

Which is something else I should have mentioned in my 10 second blurb.


Anonymous said...

you miss working?


you're a full time mother & a full time wife and a full time cancer patient...

those are 3 of the hardest jobs you can possibly have, and you do well at ALL of them.

:) *hugs*

ps) i know what you mean, but i had to compliment you on how hard you "work" none the less.

laurie said...

What a lovely reminder. Thanks, Kalen.

Lisa Stone said...

Touche kalen!

Laurie, I've lurked and read you on BlogHer but never said hi.

So...hi. I'd love to meet you this weekend. I read your blog all the time.

Lisa Stone

laurie said...

Wow, Lisa. Finding this comment is such great timing. I am really pleased to hear from you.

Tamar Orvell said...

is your 10-seconds on mocha momma? or where is it?

laurie said...

the 10 second post is on this very page and also in the post at BlogHer where we were asked to introduce ourselves.