Monday, July 23, 2007

chicago bound!

I am writing from a hotel near the Toronto airport. The kids are with Grandma and my spouse and I leave for the airport before dawn. We are both going on points, on different flights and to and from different terminals. Should make for some interesting logistics on almost no sleep (I am anticipating insomnia. Perhaps I will be proven wrong).

T. will be with me until Friday when BlogHer begins!

I can't believe I am going.

I am a very lucky person.


Flippy said...

That's terrific. I'm so glad you're going, and I'm glad you're able to make the trip (er, be on the trip?) together. Have a great time at BlogHer! I'm totally jealous, but you so deserve to be there.

AB&AB said...

I was very happy to read that you are doing better!!! Have a great time on your trip. If you are still looking for a home for that mission falls sweater & hat, I think we have one for you. Check back at our blog ( and see what we've been up to.