Saturday, July 25, 2009

having a wonderful time. wish you were here.

I am having my best BlogHer ever.

The biggest difference is that I am more comfortable in my own skin, more at ease with who I am and more willing to take risks when it comes to approaching people.

I also know myself well and am making the choices that are the right ones for me. This has meant that I am not pressuring myself to "network" not doing the parties and welcoming opportunities for one on one time with interesting people. This has led to the creation of some lovely memories and the deepening of some friendships.

Yesterday, I attended sessions on "The Transformational Power of Blogging," "Blogs and Body Image: What are we teaching our kids?" and "Patient Bloggers: You are not your disease - you just blog about it every day." Every one was excellent.

I toyed with the idea of skipping the "Community Keynote" but I'm so glad I didn't. A series of bloggers read selected posts from their blogs, each more funny or sad or powerful than the next. And some really beautiful pieces of writing.

Last night's cocktail party was a little grim (karaoke! ouch!) or maybe I am just getting old ("the noise! I couldn't have a conversation!") The free booze just wasn't enough to make me stay. Luckily, I invited Elana to have dinner with me - and she said yes. A pint and a bite and some lovely conversation later, I felt restored.

Today, I have visited the vendors, talked to people and, at lunch, I did my book signing. They had us tucked away in a far corner of the Expo hall, so it was a little slow. I was signing with Ilene Chaiken, creator of the L-Word and we still didn't draw more than a handful of people. I've sold and signed a few books, though and have done as well as anyone else here.

Next up is a session on "Online Safety for Your Kids Who Are Online Themselves." I just hope it's not all scaremongering.

I think I'm going to skip the evening cocktail party and go have some deep-dish pizza with Suzanne, her parents and some other bloggers.

This time, I wasn't to oshy to ask for a celebrity photo (that's Ilene Chaiken on the left and BlogHer co-founder - and blurber of my book - Lisa Stone in the centre).


Capital Mom said...

I am really glad to hear about your experince, and parties vs. sessions. I made a quick decision to buy tickets for next year even though I am pretty new to blogging. I would love to hear more about it when you are back!
I am neighbors with D and I on gladstone so I may have to stop you with questions about BlogHer if I find out you are next door.

Jeanne said...

Laurie--thanks for the report, and good for you for doing this overwhelming event YOUR way.

I've never gone to one of these, although I've been considering it for a couple of years. I think I'd want to be on a panel, if I do go. You did that, didn't you?


Mom2Amara said...

Laurie! I hate that I missed you AND BlogHer this year! But there's always next year :)

I was grateful you were updating us all on BlogHer because it seemed not many women I follow on Twitter or bloggers I follow were doing anything real time. So I was thankful for your posts and tweets!

Blondie said...

It was SO WONDERFUL to see you again. Your smile brings such refreshment to my life. I was also so much more relaxed this time around. Cheers to our bloggie friendship and our newfound self-comfort.

nonlineargirl said...

I am so glad you had such a good time. Our first conversation from last year sticks with me - coping with feeling shy among so many people. Knowing you felt comfortable at the conference makes me happy, and encourages me for nyc next year.

Danielle said...

Still waiting to hear if you've been entered in the books as a medical miracle... :)

It was such a blast to meet you. Next year we should try to recreate the Ragu acid trip lunch.

laurie said...

Capital Mom- See you soon!

Jeanne- yes, i was on a panel last year.

Blondie and Danielle - it was fun to hang out with you guys.

Nora and Mo - wish you'd been there. BlogHer introduced me to both of you and I am so glad that happened.

Mom2Amara said...

I so wish I could have been at your book signing!