Tuesday, February 24, 2009

women with real influence

My youngest son came to see me in the kitchen this morning, while I was making school lunches (By the way, has there ever been a more thankless task in the history of parenting? I don't thinks so).

Me: "Your face is so clean! Great job!"

D.: "I washed my face!" (He shows me how he did it, miming vigorous rubbing.)

Me: "That's great!"

D.: "And I brushed my teeth. And I even flossed." (He mimes brushing and flossing.)

Me (impressed): "That is amazing. You are awesome."

D.: "I did it because at day care we are learning about the importance of good hygiene."

They have good teachers at the day care. And, apparently, their words carry more weight than mine do. Maybe I could ask them to talk about "the importance of being polite to his parents" or "the importance of cleaning up his toys."


Mom2Amara said...

This reminds me about Amara's interview with a local tv station over Thanksgiving. They asked my daughter what she was most grateful for. And at the top of the list were her "senses." Apparently Teacher2Amara had just taught them about the five senses and how fortunate they all are to have their abilities.

It made me laugh because heaven forbid my daughter say she was thankful for her mom and dad :)

Lene Andersen said...

Nice try. Won't work. Certain things stick, but the stuff involving parents goes in one ear and out the other. ;)