Wednesday, February 04, 2009

taking care of my body in 2009: part 2

This year I promised myself to "treat my body as well as I have been treating my mind."

That's my ultimate goal but I am trying to be S.M.A.R.T. about it (setting small goals along the way that are specific, measurable, attainable and realistic and timely).

In January I set out to:

1-Walk VIGOROUSLY for an average of one hour, five times per week (300 minutes a week).

I did pretty well at this. I fell about 90 minutes short of my goal for the month but given the truly lousy weather we had last month, I am still giving myself a pat on the back.

It certainly felt good to pick up the pace again. I hadn't really noticed how my walks had turned into strolls (and a lot of time standing around in the dog park). When I had to stop running (just after the Run for the Cure in October) because of tendonitis, I didn't really think about getting my heart rate up again during walks. I'm pushing myself again now and it feels really good (once I convince myself to get out the door).

A big benefit (I was going to write "side benefit" but it's really not) of exercise is the psychological boost it gives me. My weight hasn't changed and my clothes still fit the same way but I look different in the mirror. I see myself differently. I was going through a period where I would wake up in the morning and really dislike my own face in the mirror (the word "hag" actually crossed my lips once or twice, I am embarrassed to admit). But I feel pretty again. I (mostly) like the way I look. And I have more energy.

Not bad a bad payoff for four weeks.

2-Eat seven servings of fruit and veggies a day.

Doing it. I seem to have actually developed an addiction to blueberries in the morning.

3-Cook dinner at least once a week.

I did this one too! At least on average. One week I cooked five times. Sometimes the meals were extremely simple and none were particularly fancy but I am actually starting to enjoy it. I never thought I'd see the day.

And I would welcome any suggestions for healthy, kid friendly meals.

So, still taking baby steps, here are my additional goals for February:

1-Go to yoga once every week.

This one felt huge because I hadn't been since some time in the spring. But I went on Monday! My friend L. was in town and she goes to a weekly yoga class. I asked if she would force me to go to class come to class with me and she readily agreed.

Iyengar yoga can be a little weird (lots of props, lots of precise instruction, less flow and lots of talking) and my teacher is a bit eccentric. L. was game and a very good sport about it all (I had warned her ahead of time) and we both liked it that there are people of all ages and shapes (the teacher is the exact opposite of the stereotypical yoga instructor) in the class I go to, dress is very casual and they know how to accommodate a range of disabilities (there was a woman who had obviously injured her back, doing modified poses on a contraption with a rail). The atmosphere is extremely comfortable and it's a three minute walk from my house.

My teacher recognized me instantly and I found myself wondering in the first three minutes why I had found it such a big deal to come back. We worked hard and although I didn't realize I had been working my core, I was sore in all the right places the next day.

I have to remember that feeling next time I am curled up on my couch and it all just seems like a lot of time and trouble.

2-Cut down on refined sugar.

What do I mean by 'cut down'?

I am allowed to have a low sugar cereal in the morning (or a bit of maple syrup on unsweetened cereal).

I can have one row of dark, fair trade chocolate, if I am craving something sweet (and only once per day).

And during and after chemo, if the only thing I want to eat are bran muffins, than so be it.

But no more ice cream or desserts unless they are very, very special and then only rarely. I don't like how sugar makes me feel and it doesn't take long for me to become addicted. I think I will feel less tired.

Anyone know any good recipes for making muffins with stevia or other non-chemical sugar substitute?

3- Take my vitamin D and calcium supplements daily.

It's Wednesday and I haven't done this once, so I had better get on it.

How have you been doing with the goals you set this year?


jana said...

I started an exercise habit in September and have exercised 6 days/wk since except for when I was traveling (but I was walking 5 mi a day so I think that counts)!

I recently rewarded myself by buying some cute new exercise clothes.


Babz Rawls Ivy said...


Go Girl! I have done NOTHING!

My new excuse...fractured right foot! FALLING IN ALL THIS MOFO SNOW & ICE :)

Andy Quan said...

The weekly pill boxes work reallly well for me. I found one in a dollar shop with 7 days x 4 dividers (two for morning, two for night).

So, I only have to count out my vitamins once a week, and keeping it in a place where I'll be sure to see it when I get up (prominently in the fridge) reminds me to take them!

Good luck with those supplements!


Anonymous said...

Agave seems to be the new big natural sugar on the block. I haven't tried it though. A search on Food Blog Search should point you in the right direction though.

Have you tried taking cookbooks out of the library? That's our trick to finding new things to cook.

AB&AB said...

I have thought about you many times in the last year, and have finally looked you up. I am glad to see such positive things in your blog! I am trying to walk and run, and rush around less myself, with some success, but have a way to go, still.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you for doing the walk! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Laurie, YOU ROCK!
I am such a lazy bum... but I think I just might sign up for an Indian Bhangra Dance class this spring... that'll get me up and off my @$$!