Thursday, September 13, 2007

badass superhero

Yesterday, the Junky's Wife called me a 'badass' in the comments. This made my day. She also said that I should have my own superhero.

Along with some of my online friends, I have been having fun imagining what she would look like:

super me

a one-breasted warrior
with really great boots
a rhea belle top
and some seriously funky accessories (thanks to Babz for that suggestion)
generous hips (the better to shoot from)
crows feet
and smile lines
and always compassionate
but ready to kick ass
when she needs to.


deb said...

and a bigass, badass smile/smirk. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Amazons of old ... badass female warriors who cut or burned off their right breasts so they could better shoot bows and throw spears.

You go Laurie!

laurie said...

Hey, cool. I didn't know that. And it is my right breast that is missing. What a really cool image.

Scar said...

Sounds like a kickass superhero. I think purple splotchy bruises are the new thing anyways so at least we are heading the trend.

Mom2Amara said...

Although this may fall under "accessory," I still say fierce glasses :)

joy said...

I think she also needs something to symbolize motherhood...

Anonymous said...

I just wrote them a snarlygramme! Couldn't wait! LOL