Sunday, November 30, 2008

30 posts in 30 days

Well, I made it.

I posted a lot of "filler" this month. I also found that many of the more substantive posts that I have wanted to write (book reviews and news of the conference I attended) remain in draft form. The need to keep cranking out the posts made me less willing to go back to half-written ones and edit them, lest they take up too much time. I will enjoy giving myself the space to write more thoughtfully and to give myself the time to set things aside.

On the other hand, NaBloPoMo made me dig a little deeper, take in the world in a different way (I was constantly wondering, "could I blog about this?") and post some things it never might have otherwise occurred to me to share. The post that probably got the most reaction was the one about toilet sprouts.

The very first year, I did NaBloPoMo, I was diagnosed with mets and never missed a day. In contrast, I faced many fewer challenges this year. On the other hand, November 2006 was filled with stories that were more compelling than the SpeedFit. At least I think so.


Anonymous said...

Good for you for making it! I gave up in the first week...just too chaotic of a time for me, inside and out. (Too bad Twittering doesn't count. ;))

I'm hoping to catch up with the December "thanks" theme. I really need to work on that concept right now.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

You Go Sister!

I did it once last Spring...that's how I created my Love List. I may try it again. It is a HUGE commitment....YIKES!

angela said...

good job!! filler or not. i'm still working on accomplishing this. so glad you did it!

Anonymous said...

No offense, but I'd rather read 30 days of filler from you than 30 days of compelling posts when you aren't as healthy. So, give me another 60+ years of fluff. :) I'll deal.

Anonymous said...

Well done, my friend.

I always think of this as the digital equivalent of flagpole sitting, but really, it's so much more... ;)

Anonymous said...

And it was wondeful to read your blog daily... I'll miss you the days you don't post!

laurie said...

Thanks to all of you!!!