Saturday, November 22, 2008

crushing on jamie oliver

I love him for his potatoes.

Last night, I made this.

I am, at best, an indifferent cook. I am working on changing this, as I don't think it's fair for my spouse to do all the cooking. Also, if I want more control over what we eat, I need to contribute.

This week, I made (or helped to make) an unprecedented four meals. Macaroni and cheese (with onions and garlic). Chicken cacciatore in the slow cooker (with bottled tomatoes, onions and garlic). Updated hamburger helper (my friend L. instructed and did all the chopping. I browned the meat and stirred a lot).

So, as you can see, a recipe that requires fresh herbs and boiling the potatoes before they go into the roasting pan is a bit of a departure for me (I roasted my first chicken two years ago. At least three times since then, I have roasted the chicken upside down.)

Last night, I painstakingly followed all instructions. It wasn't that hard. And it worked. The potatoes did not look as golden in as in the photo but they were delicious.

I don't even like potatoes and I had seconds.

And more for breakfast, swooning and moaning all the while.

I kept saying, "I made this!"

I'm still a little stunned. I have never, ever been able to say about anything that I have cooked, "That was the best I ever had." It felt good.


deb said...

i'm with you on the cooking front as you know. I need to deviate from my current chicken and veggie chinese stirfry rut. i've just bookmarked this recipe.thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wait! What!?!?! You don't like POTATOES? Is that even possible????

The Maven said...

I agree: who doesn't like potatoes? And here I thought we might be able to be friends someday... *sigh*


laurie said...

Sorry. Potatoes usually taste like chewing cardboard to me. Unless they are drowning in butter or whipped cream. Or deep fried. These potatoes just had a little chicken schmalz. And garlic and lemon.

Dee said...

I like potatoes but since they are a starchy food, I usually opt for something with more nutrients. Can't resist a good french fry, though.

And, good for you! I am an indifferent cook at best, too. So, when i hear about people who are like me make something that's delicious, I am very very impressed because I know how hard it would be for me to cook something I like to eat. Very very cool. I'm almost inspired enough to take a cooking class myself!

Anonymous said...

I am very, very proud of you! This sentence, though, you know it sounds a little dirty:

"I love him for his potatoes."

Your man know about this? ;)