Wednesday, April 08, 2015

too much. all at once.

Last week, I had CT scans* and treatment on Tuesday, a brain MRI on Wednesday and a bone scan on Thursday. 

There was also an incident on Tuesday evening with one of the boys, which culminated in the following text from my beloved: 

"I now know what projectile vomiting looks like. Can you check Groupon for car detailing deals?"

All is well (we've come to realize that vomiting is an excellent response to anaphylactic allergies) but if none of us has to see the inside of a hospital for a while, that would be just fine.

As I type this, I'm reminded how grateful I am for our health care system. I shudder to think how big the bills would have been, if we had to pay them. We don't have to justify any of these costs to an HMO. We needed care and we got it. 

*I have the results of the CT scans. My abdomen, pelvis and thorax are all still free of visible metastatic disease. 

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deb said...

I'll focus on the good news! That's great to hear. Glad everyone is recovering well.