Thursday, May 08, 2014

introducing: #FairCancerCare

In Canada, we tend to think that, should be unlucky enough to get cancer, our health care system will cover the cost. For thousands of Canadians, this is not the case.

Ontario is heading into a provincial election. Will you sign our petition to ensure everyone has access to the best care their oncologist prescribes for them? Will you ask the candidates for support when they call you or come to your door?

To find out more, please go to You can sign our petition or find out some of numbers beside these facts.

Please take two minutes out of your day and check out our campaign. The next person to find themselves without coverage could be you. Or someone you love.


Caroline said...

So wait a minute, with the national health program in Canada, you can still get a cancer diagnosis and go drastically into debt? Crazy.

Finola said...

Thanks for sharing this Laurie. I've signed. said...

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