Monday, February 03, 2014

winter canadiana

That's frozen steam. My 10 year old wanted the photo because he thinks it's awesome.

Me: "Why is there a hockey stick in our bedroom."

Tim: "I was using it to knock down the icicles."

Me: "Oh. That makes perfect sense."

Lucy truly doesn't mind it.

6 more weeks, eh?


Catherine said...

:) At least you are equipped with one excellent hood!

tccomments2013 said...

that's one heck of a hood! that stupid ground-hog - I wish we could just forget about him, especially this year. I woke up to 8 inches of more snow, news that it's going to snow again Wednesday, and over the week-end, so much more snow they're not even talking about how many inches. at some point I wonder if the weather people will be scared to show their faces?!

love and light - and stay WARM

Lene Andersen said...

I vote we force that wee bastard out of hibernation so he can feel what he's wrought.

AK13 said...

I like the hood had a jacket similar once except the sleeve is tight thanks to Lymphodema... I am tired of the snow Here in Niagara we are expecting another 20-25 cms of snow. Yuck.....I will stay inside hibernate like that darn groundhog should have......Love Alli.....

laurie said...

The hood on that jacket is removable. Last year, I never even attached it. This year, it's up over my head more often than not.