Friday, June 14, 2013

learn how to be a better advocate

The Canadian Breast Cancer Network has announced that it will be holding an "Advocacy Training Session" in Halifax, Nova Scotia on September 13-14:

"The advocacy training will focus on the issue of metastatic breast cancer and will offer participants the opportunity to enhance their communication skills and effectively deliver strong advocacy messages to a wide variety of audiences."

Priority will be given to women living with metastatic breast cancer, primary caregivers of those living with  mets and to applicants from the Atlantic Provinces. CBCN will be covering all expenses including, travel, accommodations and group meals for those who are accepted to participate.

I'm applying. I think it's critical that women living with metastatic breast cancer join forces to bring attention to our issues (including the paltry lack of funding for metastatic breast cancer research) and to support each other.

Hopefully, come September, some of us will learn how to feel a little less lonely and a little more empowered. And we'll have learned how to share all that with others.

To obtain an application, or for more information contact  Rebecca Wilson at or 1-800-685-8820 x225.

Please share this post with anyone who you think might be interested.


Facing Cancer Together said...

Good for you, Laurie. And thanks for pointing out this opportunity to learn more about being an advocate. ~Catherine

Anonymous said...

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