Tuesday, August 02, 2011

dogs can fly

The day after I wrote the post about my friend Rebecca, I went to Take the Plunge, a fundraiser for local dog rescue organizations. It was a lot of fun. We had the chance to meet many different kinds of dogs and the people who love them. They came in all shapes and sizes, colours and temperaments. We also met a miniature horse and some ferrets. One woman was pushing a cat in a stroller. The cat wasn't strapped in and seemed quite relaxed amidst all the canine chaos.

The central event of the afternoon was the dock diving competition. We watched all kinds of dogs leap after toys into the pool. Some of the dogs needed to be persuaded to get out of the water. Most seemed incredibly pleased with themselves. Everyone - spectators, dogs and their human handlers seemed to be having a wonderful time.

This dog took my breath away:

I thought a lot about Rebecca as I sat in the sun; this was the fun event I had chosen to dedicate to her memory. And then the most incredible thing happened. I watched a pit bull terrier, among all the retrievers and border collies, launch himself off the dock and fly an incredible 18 feet. His owner jumped with joy and fist-pumped the air as she yelled, "Ten and half years old!"

I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes. I thought of my Jasper who didn't make it to his tenth birthday. I thought of Rebecca's pit bull Diezel who is waiting for a new forever home. And I thought of Rebecca and how life is far too short not to enjoy a day in the sun, doing the things we love.

It's not to late to do something fun in Rebecca's memory and let me know. The family is planning a celebration of her life, in accordance with her wishes (they're also asking for suggestions as to what to write on her urn). I'm tracking all the stories you send me and compiling them for the family. I'll eventually publish the list here too.


Debbi said...

I read your post last week about Rebecca and thought of her when I was out on the boat in our pond as the sun was setting .
It was beautiful and I smiled thinking of her.
I went via your link..And read back some on her blog. So sad...but have to save I loved the "I'm outta here" last post.
My thoughts and prayers are with you over the loss of your friend. (((hugs)))
The video was awesome...She would have liked that

Debbi~ http://atoosassygal.blogspot.com/

laurie said...

Thanks so much, Debbi.

Anonymous said...

Dear Laurie,

I am a list-maker and there are always so many things to do on that list that sometimes the things that I truly like to do get pushed aside for the things that I think I should do. But in honour of your friend Rebecca, and mindful of the inescapable fact that life is shorter than we might like it to be, I spent my weekend at a horse show, first watching my own horse compete and then staying to cheer on my friend. Normally, as soon as my horse is done, I leave with him but I stayed and watched and cheered. Then I went back the next day to cheer my friends on again. It was great fun and any time spent in the company of a horse is good time.

For Rebecca, and for my family and friends who battle breast cancer.


Anonymous said...

This event is done in Brockville at Riverfest. I was mesmerized. The dogs were having so much fun and just trying their best to fly through the air. My favourite was a rather heavy pug named Jelly. The tiniest, roundest dog in the event sailed for just under 17 feet! I have not lost as much thyroid gain as I would like and, at 4'11", I have always been self-conscious about running since I started doing so to celebrate my 54th birthday. After seeing Jelly flying thru the air on the July long weekend, I smile as I lope along on my little pug legs. grace (who will be running again with you in ottawa in the fall!)

laurie said...

Kate and Grace - thanks so much. You are both such lovely writers. And animal lovers. Love that, too. Glad you'll be joining us again, Grace!