Thursday, April 14, 2011

my kids are alright

I had a dream a few nights ago.

My kids were in a giant flash mob, dancing their hearts out, surrounded by dozens of other kids and adults. They were exuberant and focused, their movements fluid and in synch with those around them. My heart swelled with pride and joy.

I learned that the flash mob had been created to drum up excitement over an upcoming performance. In a couple of hours, my kids would go on stage and perform. I could tell they were ready.

Then I was handed a note. My own performance was scheduled for right after theirs. I was wholly unprepared. I hadn't even looked at my script. I was rushing off to find it when my alarm went off.

Sacha was in a play very recently. And they did organize a flash mob a week before the performance, as a form of advertisement. And Sacha performed beautifully. My heart did swell with pride.

In part, my subconscious might have been remembering the play but I choose to believe that I was also sending myself a message.

Life with metastatic breast cancer is filled with uncertainty. But no matter what happens, my kids will be fine. They are smart, talented, resourceful and resillient. They have friends and family who love them. My kids will be alright.


Nili said...

Your kids will be more than alright: they are already two very sweet, beautiful, smart boys and they will be awesome.

laurie said...

Thank you. xo

Ann said...

They are certainly more than alright at the moment they have you as a superb role model.

Finola said...

You are lovely and so are your children. Such a simple and powerful post you have written here.

Lene Andersen said...

aw, crap. You made me cry.

laurie said...

Thank so much to each of you. For being so kind and for understanding what it means to write a post like this.