Wednesday, March 09, 2011

still ain't satisfied

Yesterday was International Women's Day and I marked it by keeping a therapy appointment and running a bunch of errands for my kids.

In yesterday's paper, Margaret Wente (whose column I avoid like the plague, as it's on the list of things that give me heartburn) wrote a column entitled "For the free, educated and affluent, welcome to the decade of women":
"In the West, International Women’s Day doesn’t mean much any more. It’s little more than a marketing opportunity for businesses, or an excuse for the last remnants of women’s grievance groups to keep griping."
Setting aside the erroneous and offensive assumption that any woman reading the Globe in the western world is "free, educated and affluent", Wente's assertions are just plain untrue.

In "Why International Women's Day Matters", Emma Woolley has written a brilliant rebuttal. Go read it. It will only take a minute and it's very good.

Woolley also posted a video that was circulating yesterday, featuring Daniel Craig and narrated by Dame Judi Dench. I'll share it here as well. It's called Equals and it provides the best rebuttal of all.

On a lighter note, Daniel Craig makes a damned attractive woman and I am crushing on Judi Dench.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,
I actually like Margaret Vente(for most of the time). My question is actually not about March 8(which I always hated ,since I am Eastern European and all the men were drinking at work to celebrate it...) but about your endoscopy.I guess they did not find anything??
I am booked for Monday and seriously consider canceling it.I have my CT scans every 6 weeks and so far I am stable(bone and liver mets)I am not sure if I want one more invasive procedure?

laurie said...

I bounced back pretty quickly from the endoscopy - no lasting bad effects. I'm going to blog about the results tomorrow - just got them from my GP. They found nothing - all is good. Pleased about that. Now to sort out my body.

Eileen said...

Good post. I celebrated the day with a group of women who are suffering with what is largely a woman's disease (one which you share), and we did talk about these very issues. Too bad they still need a lot of talking about - and a great deal of action. Thank you for pointing that out.