Sunday, August 15, 2010

down-time at the ottawa folk festival

My spouse and youngest son and I went to the Ottawa Folk Festival this past week end. I love these shots T. took of D. and I chilling out between the afternoon and evening programming.

I didn't have any pockets, so I resorted to an old habit of sticking my cable needle in my cleavage. Except, I don't really have cleavage any more. The pointy cable needle kept falling over and I had to keep reaching into my bra to fish it out.

This amused me.

The scarf I'm making has one asymmetrical cable.

This amuses me, too.


margaret said...

So - did you win the bike or the guitar? I let out such a big cheer, everyone thought I was the winner.

laurie said...

ha!! that's so nice! i won the bike and i just picked it up today.