Tuesday, October 20, 2009

de-bunking the pink

"Three years ago, I saw a story on the news while I was at the gym. An investigative feature on the breast cancer awareness contributions that various corporations pledged during Breast Cancer Awareness Month found that most of these promotions led to increased sales and windfall profits that dwarfed the piddling donations that the extra sales generated. Until that moment, I was gung-ho about buying products marked with pink ribbons."

And so begins the best article I have ever read on the subject of the pink-washing of October (and not just because the author says you should all go out and buy my book). Suzanne Reisman hits all the bases in this piece and does it with eloquence and a sense of humour.

If you have ever struggled to understand why some of us object to pinxploitation (I just made that word up), your questions will be answered.


Brenda said...

Thanks, I tweeted that article.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Thank you for the enlightenment!

Dee said...

I love your new word, pinxploitation! Wonderful and so appropriate.

Dee said...

I just posted a link to your pinxploitation entry on my blog. Thanks again!

Liz Kreger said...

Just read your post and the article you linked, Laurie. Very interesting and thanx for sharing.

Initially saw your link at Dee's blog and glad I followed it. I've always been a little leery about the corporations that tout the "pink" mentality and try to be careful where I contribute. I far prefer to participate in the Komen Walk for the Cure because I know that a huge percentage of the money raised remains in the host city.