Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the brain of a monkey


My spouse and I had the following conversation this morning:

T.: "I had a really hard time falling asleep last night."

Me: "Did you have monkey brain?"

T: "What? Like I couldn't stop thinking about bananas?"


I woke up feeling kind of bummed out this morning. After coffee, my mood changed dramatically. I actually tweeted, "I think I love coffee the most."


Speaking of Twitter, a bunch of folks have
changed their time zone to Tehran, in order to confuse Iranian censors. I've done it, too, although I am not sure if this really works. And I love the fact Twitter and Facebook are playing a role in helping activists all over the world get the word out. Makes me feel virtuous and less like I am just wasting time (although, I know it's a stretch to describe playing a Scrabble knock-off and commenting on my friends' status updates as activism).


Just over one week of school left. Double-edged sword, that. S. has had a fantastic teacher this year. Can't say the same of D. His teacher was complaining that he does his own thing too much, like reading a book by himself during story time. Um, perhaps this is because he is READING NOVELS while she is teaching the kids what sound the letter 'a' makes. Sigh.

Next year, he is switching schools and entering the "gifted" program (this term is a "don't get me started." Both my kids have tested as "profoundly gifted." My friend M. says we should just call these kids "idiosyncratic learners." Another terrific teacher once said, "It's just another kind of spec. ed." These kids have their own set of learning challenges and my older son is thriving in the program). It will be great to have the kids in the same school.


My older son has been asking for guitar lessons for a shamefully long time (shameful because music is an area of my kids' education that we have sorely neglected). I just signed him up for
Rock School. If he enjoys the week, we will sign him up for lessons.


I have never set foot in an Abercrombie and Fitch. The fact that
this beautiful young woman was relegated to the stockroom because she has a prosthetic arm has ensured that I never will.


My Xmas tree is still in my back yard. I think that's kind of sad.


I am seeing my oncologist in person for the first time in months, this afternoon. I plan to give him a copy of my book and remind him that we discussed taking a break this summer. I plan to skip treatment in July (so I can go to BlogHer).
I also want to ask him if I can take August off as well. If he has any hesitation about this at all, though. I won't push.

I promised.


Posting gratuitous photos of my son being goofy (future blackmail fodder for sure). Noticed that I look even goofier in that hat but decided that censorship on that basis would be hypocritical. Thanks to my bro-in-law for capturing the moment with his cell phone.


Karlien said...

Love your computer text...

Nat said...

Sometimes I think I love coffee the most too...

That Abercrombie story makes me blood boil

Anonymous said...

I don't get that A and F story. Were they hot to have her because she was so stylishly thin (ie. anorexic?) If they got close enough to see her lack of girth, did they not see her prosthetic arm at the same time? Why recruit her at all?

I agree, however, with your refusal to pass through their marketplace portals. I didn't shop at Eddie Bauers' for years because people of colour never graced their ads.

B in T

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

This blog post makes me think of Christmas. It has a warm feeling about it. Makes me getting a letter from an old friend.

Fuck A&F.