Wednesday, October 01, 2008

happy october

October, as you most certainly know, is breast cancer awareness month.

You won't find any pink ribbons here.

Instead, I give you links to my previous posts on this subject:

not in my name (October 2007)

not enough to think pink (October 2006)

And, if you want to read more, please check out Parade of Pink: Why BCA Is Concerned By Cause-Marketing For Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer Action also includes a list of "six critical questions" to ask before buying pink ribbon products so that you "support the cause, not cause-marketers."

(I stole these links from an excellent post by sprucehillfarm, over at Mothers With Cancer.)

So as, I said, you won't find any pink ribbons here. Red boas, on the other hand, are perfectly acceptable.

(photo credit: A. Wayne).

1 comment:

Kate said...

Wandered over here after seeing your post about love. The words - support the cause, not cause marketing hit me. I've thought that for a while. I've thought about the overmarketing of it from the perspective of someone who wants support and money raised for all cancers - not just breast cancer. (Although I can tick off people with that opinion)

I just never phrased it as well as you have.

I wanted to say thank you for speaking up.