Monday, June 02, 2008

my little leap of faith

Meet Lucy (she's the furrier one, on the right).

She's a Tibetan Terrier and she has just joined my family.

TTs can live for as long as seventeen years.

How ambitious am I?

We really wanted to get a dog from a shelter or a rescue organization (J-Dog is a rescue and possibly the best dog in the history of dog-dom). But we needed a dog that is healthy, good with kids, other dogs and cats (we almost adopted a wheaten terrier from a rescue group during winter but when the dog met a cat, he tried to eat it. Literally).

And hypoallergenic (D. is mildly allergic to both dogs and cats and we couldn't in good conscious bring another dog into the house who would irritate his allergies).

We also needed a dog who would happily come on long walks or runs with me when I am well and take it easier on the weeks I have treatment.
After a year of cruising the internet and working the phones (I reached out to rescue groups across Canada and into the US), I reluctantly admitted defeat.

So we chose a dog from a very responsible breeder and a relatively rare breed with few genetic health problems.

And she's really sweet and cute, too.

I am almost as exhausted as right after my kids were born.

And very nearly as blissed out.

And, for the record, if something does happen and I am unable to take care of this sweet puppy (who we are all working very hard to train), T. and the boys will take good care of her. And of J-Dog. And even of our belligerent cat.

Because when this family adopts an animal, it's for life.


jacqueline said...

congratulations!!! how exciting and cool! and she is sooo adorable, ta boot!!!

Anonymous said...

she is just too cute. enjoy!

Anonymous said...

And when you are feeling sick, tucked under the bed covers, this little puppy will curl up in bed with you, rest that cute puppy face on the pillow and nap all day with you without complaint.

OK, probably will snore too, but that's ok.

Anonymous said...

Aw! She's very cute. :)

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

I am sending my children to your house...immediately! They want a dog. I want them to NOT want a dog.

Oh I am making sure they do not walk past me on this site and see that dog. Then I 'll to explain why I am shipping all 4 to CANADA!

He is cute though...but cute only at your house!

Dee said...

Leaps of faith are good, I think. I think it'll put you in the mindset that you EXPECT that you will be there with the pup throughout its life. I liken it to talking your body into believing that that will happen . . . I believe in mind over matter here, is what I'm trying to say. So, good for you, Laurie!

laurie said...

Thanks all!
Rebecca, I loved that image!
And Dee - yes, I know what you mean.
and to Babz - send 'em on up. I could have a house filled with six kids, a puppy, a senior dog and a crotchety old cat! ;-) You made me laugh out loud!

Allie said...

Too sweet! I did the same thing - bought a little doggie which is now old enough to train. Having lots of fun doing that in lovely summer nights. Such a gift to feel so well, to smile & laugh.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Aw! What a total cutie!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes. I love all these comments and can picture your L.cuddled up with you on cold winter afternoons, keeping your feet toasty warm while you read. What a pleasure these creatures be. I'll bet your cute pup has a cute sister, too.

B in T

Anonymous said...

PUPPY!!! Puppy, puppy, puppy!

Congratulations on your new baby. :) (And on your ambition.)

Mom2Amara said...

Lucy is too cute! It's always so hard to say no to such a sweet puppy face so good luck to you Laurie :)