Monday, February 11, 2008

pavlov revisited

One morning, as I was making school lunches, I dropped a bunch of cheese on my dog's head (I had been slicing it onto sandwiches and had turned to talk to my older son. Multi-tasking before sufficient caffeine intake has never been my strong suit).

Now, whenever I am making lunches, the dog dances with excitement, his eyes sparkling with hope and joyful anticipation.

I want to live my life like that. Life is good. And you never know when cheese might fall from the sky.


Anonymous said...

Great post. I need some cheese!!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, throw a dog a wedge of brie :)

Anonymous said...

LOL - don't we all train those around us to do things we never intended them to do? And now I'm drooling in expectation of the slice of cheese that life is about to hit me between the eyes with. Yeah. I tend to expect to find mold on my chesse, if any is in the fridge at all - this was a wonderful reminder. Yeah again & Thank you. LR

Mom2Amara said...

Did shayshay say brie? I'll be like your dog and come a-running too!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful,wonderful post and reminder....thanks,Karen

Anonymous said...

Cheese falling from the sky would totally make my day. Not to mention my cat's day.

Anonymous said...

So cute!

My bunnies (may they rest in peace) used to perk up and hop around the kitchen when they heard us chopping veggies or open a salad bag.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

This is a lovely post.. I can't eat cheese, but I like the idea of something yummy falling from the sky.

Anonymous said...

George had a great Cheese Dance - one of my favourites - which could be brought on at the mere sound of plastic wrap being used.

Imagine cheese and chocolate falling from the sky; espresso and Orangina flowing from (separate) taps....... sigh!

Anonymous said...

Our dog Tjorro always used to sit there looking UP at me when I was doing something in the kitchen... until the day I dropped a piece of meat on the floor. Now he has his eyes trained on my toes - on the outside chance that I'll drop another piece of meat.
I too want to live like that!

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