Sunday, December 30, 2007

10 lb terrorist

This is Eli.

He is asleep on the dog bed that J-Dog got for Christmas.

J-Dog really likes his bed but Eli really, really likes it, too.

Eli weighs 10 lbs.

J-Dog weighs more than 50 lbs.

But J-Dog always defers to Eli, who I recently decided is related to the Fishing Cat.


Anonymous said...

What a cute, sweet, cuddly little terrorist he is, too!

Please tell me you don't provide him live chickens to kill on the kitchen floor.

laurie said...

In his dreams. And he could totally take the chicken down, no question.

laurie said...

On second thought, Eli would definitely could have taken the chicken in his youth but he's thirteen now and couldn't even be bothered to crack open an eye when the flash went off.
He's mellowed quite a bit, too but every so often he does something that reminds how he acquired his fearsome reputation.

Chris said...

Wish I had a bed like that. That cat is blessed to have choosen your family. He looks so secure in the love and happiness...