Friday, March 16, 2007


This is what we looked like minutes after arriving in Sarasota. We were all so happy to be in the sun and relieved to no longer be in the car. We were giddy.

S. threw himself into the ocean with his clothes on.

T. had a beer on the beach with his dad.

D. loves to play in the sand. And to destroy what he and others have built.

It was worth every hour in the car.


Anonymous said...

i am SO glad you're getting to enjoy this. i know no one who deserves it more :)

Jean-Fran├žois of the Yukon said...

I used to take my family to Clearwater Beach, just north of Sarasota, when my kids were about the same age as yours, in the early 90s. I can appreciate the feelings of liberation you and your loved ones are experiencing. Enjoy! BTW, Nice sand castle behind you. and yes, they're just as much fun to wreck as they are to build.