Tuesday, May 09, 2006

i buy myself presents

It's true. Prior to each round of chemo, I have bought myself a present.

Now, I know that this is a really frivolous thing to do. I know that buying stuff won't buy me happiness. I also know that I am damn lucky to be able to afford such frivolity (thanks to public health care and a very good job with great benefits). But it really does make it easier to face the awfulness of chemo.

For the first round, I bought an ipod (this was a big ticket item but, in theory, the whole family "shares" it).

For the second round I bought a teapot. I ordered it online. As a replacement for one I had bought in London. I am pleased to say that it survived the flight over and arrived from England in one piece.

I bought two beautiful hats prior to round three, from a local craft fair. They are both fine examples of millinery. Why two? Because I couldn't decide between them (please don't judge me). When I wore the black one (with a big green and red flower) to pick up my older son, he said, "You can't even tell that you're bald."

I have chemo this Thursday. On Monday I bought the most beautiful pair of red sandals (I will try and post pictures, once I can get the technical details sorted). I had this idea in my head of a pair of very comfortable sandals for my longer walks but with a bit of an edge. I found the perfect pair at the first place I looked (at Glebe Trotters on Bank Street in Ottawa. Go see them. The guys who run the place are really nice and know their way around a shoe). They are bright red. I wore them yesterday and two people stopped me on the street to ask where I had bought them. Joy.

On another note entirely, it is now much easier to post comments on this blog. After complaining for days about the fact that would-be commenters (commentators?) were being foiled by all the hoops they had to jump through, I decided to write a note to Blogger and complain. Before doing so, I thought I should double check with the help function. Doh! (as my older son and Homer Simpson would say). I had set things up so that only registered users could comment.

I have changed my settings so that anyone who wishes to do so can now offer their two cents. Let me know if it works.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I guess it works. Thanks!

Natalie said...

I don't think that any of the things are frivolous. They may not be necessary, but they will be used and appreciated. Enjoy them to thier fullest possibilities!