Tuesday, November 18, 2008

feeling nostalgic already

This was taken just a few weeks ago. The leaves are mostly gone now and winter is in the air.


The Maven said...

Cute pic!

And by 'in the air' you mean 'under the tires of your minivan, which makes you almost hit a pedestrian crossing the street - yay, winter!'

*sigh* Good thing I'm drinking a gingerbread latte right now or I might be feeling a little suicidal. :P

Dee said...

I completely understand! We've had a few really nice dry days - mostly sunny although my town had a persistent fog on Sunday that wouldn't go away - and I hear we're going to get a lot of rain.

Anonymous said...

This one is excellent, too. :)

Mom2Amara said...

I have never been able to get a good in-the-leaves photo.

Yours is priceless!