Sunday, November 04, 2007

writing when i don't feel like it: thank you NaBloPoMo

Today's post is brought to you by NaBloPoMo, or "National Blog Posting Month."

I participated last year and met my commitment to blog every day, despite being diagnosed with metastatic cancer.

I benefitted from participating in NaBloPoMo 2006. I discovered new blogs and found many new readers. And blogging through that most difficult time helped to make it more bearable. Naming my fear and talking about it made it so much easier to cope with it.

I look forward to blogging every day throughout this month.

I hope I can find something interesting to say every day. But if life during NaBloPoMo 2007 is relatively uneventful, that will be OK by me.


platespinner said...

i'm glad. i like it when you post. :)

Anonymous said...

"But if life during NaBloPoMo 2007 is relatively uneventful, that will be OK by me."

Oh, yes. One of my aspirations is to have a life so boring that other people either pass out when I talk about it or beg me to change the subject.

When I don't feel like writing during the NaBlo due to tiredness, time contraints, or lack of subject matter I can coagulate into coherent sentences just yet, I post pictures. One day last year I think I even posted a picture of myself blogging.

This year we have a new (used) cat, so it's particularly easy. Nothing to say? No problem. What's Sam doing right now? heh heh

Anonymous said...

You are amazing!!!

Mom2Amara said...

If I hadn't been living under a rock for so long at work, I could have 1) also participated in NaBloPoMo and 2) kept up with your blog posts! I've missed being around! I hope all is well with you!