Saturday, November 03, 2007

i wish i didn't qualify to be here but since i do, i'm glad i am

My head is very full.

I have been attending a conference for the last few days, aimed at young women living with breast cancer. I have learned a lot. My resolve has been renewed, I have been energized and I have made some new discoveries about myself.

I will share what I have learned and thought and concluded very soon (as well as respond to the wonderful comments and emails I have received).

But tonight I am drained and exhausted. And there is more conference tomorrow.

Going to knit and watch a movie where lots of things go boom now.


Anonymous said...

"Lots of things go boom" - heh!

I need to get back to knitting. I haven't done it in ages.

Anonymous said...

I just found your site -- I'm another 40 year old survivor with kids! I've had the big bc twice now, though I was diagnosed at an early stage both time.

I write about my experiences at if you'd like to stop by and visit me. Meanwhile, I'll stay tuned to your blog now that I've found it!

deb said...

i'm glad it was a worthwhile trip and conference. Good to give yourself a little break though! See you when you get back.