Wednesday, November 07, 2007

on life as a pincushion

I am covered in some spectacular bruises today. To do the CT, they not only have to find a vein, they have to thread the needle through it in order to create an iv for radioactive dye.

If this sounds painful, it's because it is. And, veins on someone who's had a lot of chemo are hard to come by.

First, they tried on the inside of my elbow.

Then they tried on the side of my forearm.

Finally, they had to go for the inside of my wrist.

The nurse informed me that she usually avoids this at all costs, because it is "torture" (she actually said this more than once).

It hurt like hell.

I think the nurse was astonished that I didn't yell or lose my temper. I did gasp, and rather loudly, as the murmers from those waiting on the other side of the curtain indicated. But I was good (as we first-born children tend to be).

The nurse kept commenting on how good-natured I was.

And I'm certainly more stoic than I used to be.

But really, though, I was too stressed about getting the test done to think much about about being stuck with needles.

It's all relative, really.


Anonymous said...

...ouch! Your a BRAVE woman!

Anonymous said...


terri c said...

I can't even quite remember how I got here... from mommybloggers, but how I got there, who knows? Anyhow just read a year's worth of your blog, phenomenal. And very very glad for the results of the last CT!

Sepha said...

Was that you having my CT scan on Tuesday? I could have sworn it was me.
No, I know it was me coz I was biting mad because noone would listen to me when I said - put in the crook of my elbow - there are veins there that work. But no! It must go in the back of my hand - no one *ever* gets cannulas in the back of my hand - it's just a mess. But anyway - ended up in my wrist with blood everywhere. And then they realised that they hadn't asked me to take me bra off first....hahahahaha - watch me try to get out of that with one hand and a tight shirt on.
Enough about me.
Fab news from your neck of the woods - if my CT results turn out even a mite as well then I'll be a happy woman. But I'm definitely a happy woman on your behalf.... :)

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

You are officially in the Warrior Queen CLUB!

Ok remember you are a badd-ass suprhero with fab accessories!

You are in my daily prayers!

Anonymous said...

By contrast with Sepha's experience, I choose to get injections and IVs in the back of my hand. The nurses and anaesthesiologists are always very surprised at my insistence upon this, but it's one of the few places on my body where you can actually see my veins, and unlike what is true for most people, the skin is quite thick and tough there -- an inheritance from my father I used to deplore as woefully unfeminine.

Anonymous said...

Laurie, I am soo happy with your news. Holy holy lets raise a glass to you being well for a long long time.

lovelouli xo