Friday, September 14, 2007

killing trees

So, I'm printing off every blog post on a separate page, so that I can more easily review and cull the bits that really aren't relevant to the blook.

I am such a linear thinker and having my posts in a neat pile makes me feel much less overwhelmed (not to mention that taking the time to do this is a terrific way of procrastinating).

I am also going through the comments and realizing that there are many of these that I would like to include as well. Who owns the rights to others' comments? Do I need to get permission to use them? Ought I to get permission?

I think pulling this all together is going to be a very emotional process (I can't believe that I did not anticipate this). Re-reading my words puts me right back where I was at diagnosis, during the worst of treatment, the recurrence and the remission. The anguish, the fear and even the joy fairly leap off the page at me. I guess this is a good thing but it sure ain't easy.

I am also fairly taken aback at how much I've written. I'm going to have to find a way to atone, environmentally speaking for the gigantic pile of paper I've amassed.

I just hope there's enough good stuff in here to build a book.


Anonymous said...

i hope you're also immensely proud.

and re: previous post, wanted to say that your superhero(ina) needs to be wearing something hand-knit, don't you think? (maybe one of the accessories).


Marilise said...

Your blog is a real inspiration to me! I think the book will be too.

Would you like some scrap paper to print on - an already chopped down forest? I have accumulated much paper at work, from printing a workshop and realizing it needs to be change AGAIN.

Just let me know.

Lovebabz said...

Don't worry about the trees. You just concentrate on your book. The tree have enough good folks concerned about their well-being--besides a lot of that stuff is amyth...but I digress. Anway, pace yourself, breath and stay focused. You got this Super Shero!

deb said...

Oh yes, there's enough to make a book. if not more than one! take care of yourself through this's all part of it.