Wednesday, September 05, 2007

it figures

Blue skies,
cool days,
fresh start,
pink eyes.

Both eyes.

Back-to-school means being exposed to a whole host of communicable diseases.

No one else in my family has it. Yet.

They have stronger immune systems than I do but if the kids get it, I have to keep them home from school. For days.

And put drops in their eyes while they scream.

Before I had kids I had never once had conjunctivitis. I have now had it five times.

At least the weather is nice and pink eye won't keep me in bed.

But if you've got something else contagious, love me from afar. OK?


mom2amara said...

Laurie, sorry to hear about the pink eye!

I've been lucky (knock on wood) - Amara and I have been pink eye free.

I can't believe you caught something so early on in the school year! Tell the kiddos to keep their distance for awhile!

Martha Mihaly said...

Well, there's always head lice....

Have I cheered you up ?

laurie said...

Ha! Head lice would definitely be worse. My head gets itchy just thinking about it.

Blondie said...

I worked at a summer camp once and got pink eye so bad that BOTH eyes swelled shut and I had to go to an emergency doctor. I learned wearing the same contacts after you've had it over and over is BAD. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Children are nothing more than little Typhoid Mary's in cute sheep's clothing ...

Yes, I have two, why do you ask??

Sorry about the pink eye!


mommyof2galz said...

I hope it clears up soon!