Sunday, September 16, 2007

channelling sisyphus

I have lost count of the number of bags of stuff that have left my house over the last several months. And while we have brought some stuff in, our output has been much higher than our input.

Which leaves me to wonder the following:

Why do we still have as much stuff as we ever did? Why has the clutter not diminished at all? Where does all the junk come from?


sassymonkey said...

If you ever figure that out please let me know. I've thrown out two bags of junk this weekend and well...things look cleaner I suppose. lol

Personally I blame gremlins.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I can not figure this out either. I have been on a purging and organizing kick for years now -- I give a box of stuff to charity every month and there is still too much clutter. Argh!

LR said...

Hey Laurie, I love throwing out. Thought of making it my next career. Clutter drives me nuts. I always wished for a house with one room completely empty but for one piece of comfortable furniture - to enjoy serenity. I live by one simple rule: for each pair of shoes mysteriously arriving in my closet - one pair has to go. It keeps things somewhat in check. Same goes for all other clothes and bags. This is very difficult to apply to toys though. And, I will have to respect other people's belongings. I'll be happy to come to your house one day - I get high on going to the dump/curb/goodwill or the consignment store.
keep it flowing!

mom2amara said...

Once in a blue moon, I feel a house purge come over me. Whether I'm working on the playroom or my closet, I just have to get rid of the clutter. I always feel so accomplished. But inevitably, the next day, the clutter returns. It's like a force of nature you cannot contend with.