Thursday, September 06, 2007


A dinner table conversation:

Son: "Instead of making us work quietly on our own, my new teacher likes to have lots of classroom discussions."

Father: "Is this a good thing? Do you like it?"

Son: "Yeah, it's great! As long as I keep an interested expression on my face, I don't even have to pay attention!"


sassymonkey said...

hahahahahaha! Brilliant.

Anonymous said...


We're keeping up with you thru this site. Adam looks like new person, taller (?), much more muscle and less hair. Very cute and happy to show us the town.

Korea (Seoul) seems all business.

We'll see you all very soon and have pics.(Promise or threat?)

B in K

mom2amara said...

spoken as a true student!

deb said...

wow, it took me until grade 13 to realize that....

TNMomof5 said...

Smart boy has figured it out :)