Monday, February 01, 2010

soup and the missing muse

I made three soups in January.

Red lentil and carrot from Cooking with Foods That Fight Cancer

Broccoli cheddar from Looneyspoons: Low-fat food made fun!

Jambalaya from Weight Watchers (heavily modified: I substituted white fish for shrimp, used more liquid and had sausage on the side, so folks could choose their level of spiciness. And I didn't use chicken. And I used different spices. This for me, was a wildly adventurous departure).

If I don't run out of time today, I plan on making a pre-chemo Sweet potato and roasted garlic soup from the The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes That Keep You Lean!
A friend gave this one to me. I recall it being time consuming but delicious..

I have had a post on the tip of my fingers about my current highly ambivalent feelings about my life, identity and treatment but I can't seem to bring myself to write it.

In fact, I can't seem to bring myself to write much these days.

Maybe, later this week, as I recover from chemo.

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day. And the four year anniversary of my mastectomy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,

Sometimes a clear and distinct idea, even a road map, can come in a dream. I sometimes think not focusing on the solution is a good way to encourage its bubbling up when we're relaxed.

Anyway, we enjoy you so much!! I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing whatever comes up.

B in T

The Maven said...

I have been here, in that "I have a lot to say but no real way or desire to say it just yet" mentality. I feel your pain. Your soups, however, sound delicious. I'm feeling a bit down. Maybe I'll go get stuff to make soup - it's one of my favourite things. Hope you get love struck by your muse again soon :)

Finola said...

I love your blog, and your post, whenever you are ready to write it, will be worth waiting for.

I love soup too....the roasted garlic and sweet potato sounds amazing!

Scarletth said...

Nice to be here. Thanks for reminding about the Groundhog day. It is a Nice celebration usually in US and Canada. I also feel proud of you that you have successfully crossed four years of mastectomy in life.
Do keep posting.

Yoga on the Steps said...

Happy Anniversary, Laurie! Women like you are the reason why we hold Yoga Unites every year.

Dee said...

I'm sorry to hear you're feeling ambivalent about your life and identity and treatment. Could it be that you've exhausted what you have to say on the matter? A friend of mine had a blog about the "wedding industrial complex" in which she posted information (much of it absurd) about the wedding industry. She was interested because she was about to get married for the second time. After she was married, she decided she'd already said everything she had to say about weddings and that was that.

I've been feeling ambivalent about my work lately. I can't quite put a finger on it, only that I am feeling kinda bored with the routine of it all - and bored teaching. I'd rather spend more of my time living life, learning more about Eastern philosophies and ideas of healing, and on my own research and writing. I see this ambivalence as telling me that I'm at a crossroads - something's going to change but I'm not sure how or what it's going to be. It's kinda exciting. It's like my little lens on the world is widening and I'm starting to imagine a life that doesn't necessarily always or only revolve around academia - academia will be part of my life and I enjoy it, but it's not going to be the only thing I do.

So, don't worry about writing, especially if you're not feeling it. Enjoy your life! Something will reveal itself to you . . .

laurie said...

Thanks- I appreciate every one of these encouraging and wise comments so much.

nonlineargirl said...

I'm thinking of you. Write when you feel like it. We know where to find you when you are ready.

Lene Andersen said...

That jambalaya sounds yummy - I've always wanted to try it, but can't eat chicken and am iffy about shellfish and alas, not creative enough in the soup direction to experiment. I may now, since you've sort of done a test kitchen for me. ;)

There's a time for writing and a time for living. Or lying fallow. I think we all have those at one time or another. Maybe the psot just isn't done gestating yet?