Monday, January 04, 2010

keeping it specific in 2010

It's time to dip my toe back into the regular writing of this blog by letting you know that I have scaled way back on the New Year's resolutions this year.

In 2008, I had a list.

Last year, I resolved to "treat my body as well as I treat my mind." Since I gained at least 10 pounds (I'm afraid to get on the scale) and even more than that since my breast cancer diagnosis in early 2006, abandoned yoga and did no strength or core training, I was inclined to view this year as an abject failure on the resolution front. But then my spouse reminded me that I rode my bike pretty much everywhere between April and the first snow. Also, I ran regularly throughout the summer (this was brought to a halt by H1N1 but I'll start again) and cooked more than I ever have in my life.

So I've decided to tell myself that I did OK.

But this year, I have decided to be very realistic and specific in my goal. This year, I resolve to make soup.

Yesterday's soup was lentil carrot, from "Cooking With Foods That Fight Cancer."

Soup-making is creative and provides right-brain stimulating repetitive motion. Soup is generally healthful and inexpensive to make. But really, I just feel like making soup.

I'm going to make soup at least 20 times this year (every other week, less in the summer).

Have you made any goals for 2010?


refashionista said...

FWIW, my all-time fave soup book (haven't found a bad recipe yet) is Jacqueline Heriteau's "Feast of Soups":

I have had the same set of Recolutions for the past 3+ years -- each one gets tweaked a bit, but the sentiment is the same:

Average Jane said...

That sounds like a good resolution! I made so much soup during my holiday break that we're a little tired of it. :)

deb said...

kj has a great red lentil soup recipe that is so easy, even I made it! My goals are to exercise more, eat better and cook (although I think that is someone else's goal, not really mine...). also to be more present and worry less about the future.

sassymonkey said...

Elise's recipe for Potato Leek soup (@ Simply Recipes) is a staple in our house. Lee loves it.

We almost always have some kind of soup in the freezer. Right now there's carrot-ginger soup. I love soup. :)

Mom2Amara said...

Less sugar! I need less sugar in my life. That's as specific as I can get.

And I think you did better than just "ok" :)

emma p said...

Hi Laurie, I have read your posts and am doing a project for my school on people with cancer. I'd love to talk to you more in private. If this is okay with you that would be awesome. And doing the interview as soon as possible would be great.

laurie said...

Emma: laurie dot kingston at gmail dot com.

Brenda said...

I'm going to make a pot of beans every Monday and then eat on them (with my husband) all week. Every Monday, that way I get 2-4 servings of beans a week. And more vegetarian meals.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!