Friday, January 08, 2010

survivors' review

I have a guest post up at Survivors' Review, a wonderful blog that "encourages the creative expression of cancer survivors."

My piece
, which is in the section called "Write Now!" is about my take on the importance of writing for cancer survivors and includes a few of my favourite (and completely unoriginal) writing prompts. And, I have to admit, that when I look at the list on the bottom of the page of former contributors to the column, I am tickled, well - tickled pink, I guess.

My book also tops the list in the Resources section of the Review.

I feel good about this. It's a nice thing to have happen at the end of a hard week.


deb said...


Anonymous said...

Laurie, I'm a "longtime reader, first-time commenter" of your blog. I have really enjoyed your blog and am happy to see that you are getting recognized for your great work. Thought you should know I also wrote a piece about how inspiring your blog has been to me at

laurie said...

Thanks so much. I commented on your post and I think I would like to link to it, too. I am so thankful to you for writing this and letting me know about it.

Sheree said...


We are very honored to be able to share your work with our readers. Thank you for your continued generosity to those living with cancer.

Most sincerely,

Sheree Kirby