Thursday, February 11, 2010

on the canal

I like to say that "I moved to Ottawa kicking and screaming." I loved living in Toronto and only moved because my spouse's short term contracts had led to longer term work and I had quit my job.

But then I fell in love with the place. And yesterday's adventure skating sums up why.

It was a beautiful sunny day, unseasonably warm for February. On impulse, I grabbed my skates and headed over to the canal.

When I hit the ice, I found myself giggling like a little kid. My calves were burning (and when they loosened up my thighs took over. My butt still hurts today) but it was fun.

There were folks out skating in office clothes (including at least one guy in a full suit and tie) and a teenager turning cartwheels on the ice. There were little kids that looked too young to walk, gliding past me. And there were other adults wobbling along or holding the hands of more stable skaters. There were people of all races, ages, shapes and sizes - all out enjoying the sunshine and the joy of movement.

A little more than an hour after I left the house, I returned to drop off my skates and ran to catch the bus that would take me to an appointment. I was hot and sweaty. And happy, too.


sassymonkey said...

I haven't been on the canal yet. Like ever. Meant to do it last year but frostbite took me down (stupid bus strike). So far this month has been too darned busy to get out yet, especially when trying to avoid massive croweds (I'm not very good on skates, I get a little panicky if too crowded).

laurie said...

Go in the afternoon, during the week. It's MUCH less crowded then.

sassymonkey said...

But then the fake husband can't go with me! (See my problem?)

laurie said...

Maybe I could go with you one afternoon? I am not a great skater either but I'd be company, at least.

Christine said...

I probably passed you on the ice yesterday. I went again this morning and it was lovely. I go slow because of the cracks, which means I have more time to take things in. And I treat myself to a hot chocolate at the end, something I don't usually drink at any other time.