Monday, February 08, 2010

spring dreams and other bits

I had a dream last night that spring had arrived. Everything was green and lush and the tulips were in bloom. When I woke up, I was very disappointed. The current temperature is -9C with a windchill of -18C (that's 16F, with a windchill hovering around 0F, for American readers).

In the spirit of "if you can't beat it, join it" I went skating on the canal yesterday with my family and a friend of my younger son. It was fun but I realized that I am seriously out of shape and out of practice. I think I fooled myself into thinking I was a decent skater when I was pushing the stroller. I'm a lot more wobbly now than I was in those days.

I was in the library on Saturday and a woman ahead of me in the checkout line had a fit because she had a big fine for overdue books. She claimed that it was an outrage that she had only received an email reminder when her books were two weeks overdue. Seriously? It's the library's job to keep track of everyone's books? 

She had a pre-teen girl with her, who was checking out a book. The woman told the girl, loudly, "This is the last book you are getting from here!" and again blamed the library because the books were overdue.

It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut. My older son has been responsible for his own books and his own fines for two years. I think this is a very reasonable expectation. I did tell the staffer who had been dealing with the woman that I thought he was unbelievably patient.

Mom2Amara included me in a post that left me speechless. I was so moved and even a little shocked at being included in the list of those that inspire her that I have been hesitant to mention it here. I want her to know how much that post meant to me, though. I have been feeling somewhat at sea of late and her words were a reminder that I have done some good work over the last couple of years. I will hold her words in my heart for a long time to come.


Capital Mom said...

Skating with a stroller makes a big differnce. As does running with a stroller. When I run without it I feel uncertain about how exactly I am being propelled forward. :-)

laurie said...

Ha! You just made me laugh out loud! I feel so much better...;-)

nonlineargirl said...

Yeah, it is the library's fault. Pfft.

Mom2Amara said...

Don't mention it! I honestly believe our paths crossed for a reason. Although you may not know it, you have taught me a lot. And I am grateful for you!