Friday, February 19, 2010

this happened today


Nat said...

Wow! How is everyone handling the change?

Looks graet!

laurie said...

He's really happy. It was his idea. He was feeling pretty traumatized, though, when he saw his ponytail on the floor.

He's very, very happy with the results, though. He showed the stylist a photo of David Tennant (Dr. Who) and she did it!

The photos don't do him justice, though. He's gorgeous.

Dee said...

He is gorgeous, Laurie! Wow! I liked his long hair, but his short hair looks great, too. I bet he was traumatized - that's quite a change.

nonlineargirl said...

That is a really big change. Wow. Glad to hear he's happy about how it turned out!

MamaBunny said...

Hi Laurie,
Haven't visited in awhile... S. looks great with his short hair!

At the start of 2010, my daughter decided to go for a more mature look. She is growing out her bangs and got a haircut right around the time S. got his. She's wearing a bob now. She looks so grown up (all of age 6!) :-) Follow my name link to a recent photo.
Happy Spring!