Monday, February 08, 2010

stolen content

If you are reading this post on a site other than Not Just About Cancer (besides Facebook or a feed reader), you are reading stolen content.

I have filed a complaint under the DMCA (US copyright law) and hope to have the site taken down (or at least have my content removed) but since the other blog seems to be scraping all my new content, I thought I would create this special post just for them.

Thanks to Sassymonkey for alerting me to the problem, Elise Bauer for this excellent article and Susan Getgood for suggesting I write this post.


Rebe said...

I'm going to assume your rss feed is the source. You can set it to excerpt (temporarily) and make your 'read more' say something about your blog. Like "read the full story on MY blog".

laurie said...

Thanks for the advice, Rebecca. My feed reader settings seem to make me choose between shorter excerpts OR allowing the disclaimer about stolen content. I decided to go for the longer post, with the disclaimer.

Christine said...

I'm not even sure what an 'rss feed' is but I did find ongoing links to my posts and yours as well at

laurie said...

Christine - an RSS feed is a way to subscribe and read blogs in once place, for example, Google Reader. I guess it's also pretty easy for someone to with a little web know-how to subscribe to your blog and then post your content on their own site. This is what is happening to me. A web site that purports to be about breast cancer is running posts I have written, with the byline "by admin."
BC mets seems to be linking only, not stealing content. I do find it kind of gross, though that they are soliciting donations for this "service." Could be legit but could also be a way to exploit mets to make money. How much can it be costing them to be putting all those links in one place?