Thursday, February 14, 2008

bloodbath (not for the squeamish)

I had a CT scan yesterday.

Since my life as a cancer patient began, I have had many, many tests and medical appointments. And I have had my share of bizarre experiences.

But yesterday I experienced something new.

I was very pleased that the nurse managed to get the IV needle into a vein on the first try (I had been really dreading that part, after the trauma of last time), albeit in the side of my wrist, right by the bone.

I barely had time to register my relief, though, before I felt a warm liquid on my hand and looked over to see a jet of blood spurting from my wrist onto my hand and the floor.

"I dropped the locking clip!" exclaimed the nurse. "Could you grab me a new one, please?"

What followed was more spurting and a great deal of confused fumbling. The nurse kept thanking the co-worker who was ineptly trying to help (it was only later, when I was told that he was a doctor that I understood that the man probably didn't have the remotest idea what a locking clip was, where to find one or what to do with it when he did).

Eventually (it felt like a long time but was likely only a minute or two. A lot of blood can spurt out of a vein in a very short period of time), the locking clip (which is really a stopper-thingie) was popped on, the nurse cleaned me up and mopped up the floor, all the while apologizing profusely.

"Sorry for the blood-letting," she said.

The rest of the test proceeded pretty uneventfully.

I'll have the results on the 27th.
I have no reason to expect anything but good news (the last two CT scans in June and November showed no sign of cancer at all) but I will hate the waiting, anyway.

The test was very early yesterday morning. My spouse was still home when I returned.

"You're a little pale," he said.

Go figure.