Monday, February 04, 2008

resolutions 2008: the month in review

Seeing as how we are now well into February, I thought I should give you an update on my BlogHer inspired resolutions for this year.


"I will go into my older son's classroom at least once a week."

I am heading up a knitting club in nine year old S.'s class. I was supposed to be working with seven kids but I have consistently had around fifteen in attendance. And it's so much fun! S. also loves having me there and is clearly proud of his mother. A side-benefit is seeing how much the kids are loving learning how to knit. Two weeks ago, I taught them how to finger knit. I left the classroom at 10:45. When I returned at 1:00 for a class play, many of the kids in the wings were finger-knitting as they waited to go on. One boy even had his costume cinched with a belt that his classmate had knit during lunch!

"On the weeks that I don't have chemo I will start sharing pick ups and drop offs for my younger son (to and from school/day care). I will begin with doing at least one pick up and one drop off each week that I am off in January."

I did only one pick up and one drop off. This is one area which clearly needs improvement, especially as the success of my knitting classes has young D. clamouring for me to come to his school, too.

"I will go out with my spouse, at least once a month."

Done and done (in spectacular fashion, I might add). In March, I think we'll go and play Scrabble in a pub one night.

"I will help plan at least one family activity every month."

We all went on a dog walk at least once January (remember, I am taking small steps). This is a good reminder to start planning an activity for February. I just asked my older son what we should do and he suggested skating! A great idea.

"I will have my sister and brother in-law over for morning coffee at least one week end morning a month."

We had a lovely date in January and they're going to come by this week end (they also took my kids overnight on Saturday so that my spouse could go celebrate his birthday). They are both lovely (and busy!) people and I really enjoy spending time with them.

"I will reinstate Sunday family dinners with my dear friend, DD."

We've done that twice and I am hoping that she will be free to come over this Sunday (she has had a very good reason to otherwise engaged, of late).

"I will call my niece to see if she wants to resume knitting lessons."

We have had one knitting date and I have made plans for another one.


I have been making small changes to my diet, and adding new ones every week. All in all, this has been working well. It seems so much easier to create new habits when changes are made gradually.

Some interesting observations:

I noticed about three weeks into the month that I feel much better. I have more energy and I just feel really well (aside from the stomach bug which has been plaguing me for the last couple of days, but even that is milder than it should be for someone with a suppressed immune system).

I have lost four pounds (a bonus, since I haven't really been trying).

When I go "off the wagon", as I did this week end (fatty, salty cheeses, no veggies and about a pound of nut brittle), I don't feel well. At the brunch at our hotel this week end, the rich desserts did not appeal to me at all. Truly odd.

This week, I am going to go easy on myself and just add a second fish meal and avoiding salty foods (salt really aggravates the lymphedema).

On the fitness front:

I committed to four yoga classes, made it to three. Not bad. I am now addicted (and trying to be all "live in the moment" about missing today, as my son is home sick from school).

I easily met my goal of walking an average of 60 minutes, five times a week. This month I will add an additional 30 minute walk per week to the mix.

In February I will do the ab exercises prescribed by my physiotherapist, five times per week.


I cleaned my fridge. Once. It needs it again. I'll take another crack at organizing my kitchen in February.

As for writing/creating (which I will fold into a common set of resolutions) and re-connecting with friends, I didn't even get around to making those in January. I'll write about them later this week.

Thanks for helping to keep me honest.

Off to chemo tomorrow. I may not post until Wednesday.


hotshuz said...

Wow, I am more and more in awe of you.

mom2amara said...

Truly impressive my dear!

I made no resolutions yet I feel like I'm failing already :( But right now I'm chalking it up to being a homebody for the last two weeks. I'm hoping to jump start my life again once I'm back on my feet :)

Lovebabz said...

I am telling you , you are shaming me and a few hundred other million women! Girl, where in God's name to do you find the energy let alone the time! You are impsiring!
Truly inspiring.

Lene Andersen said...

Y'know, the funny thing I've noticed about Enbrel and Humira (TNF blockers I'm on for my arthritis - they suppress the immune system) is that sugar makes me sick. I've been on these drugs for 3 years now and I can't eat crap anymore. At all. Maybe there's a common deno0minator between your med and mine??