Friday, February 15, 2008

to warmer climes

I took this picture of the front of my house yesterday morning. We have had another dump of snow since.

The shot below, of my 55lb dog sitting on my front walk, gives you an idea of the height of the snowbanks.

It's -21 Celsius (-6 Fahrenheit) today with the windchill. In other words, it's bloody cold.

I am off to Florida with my four year old tomorrow. We need to leave for the airport at 4:30am.

We are flying via Cleveland and it will take us forever to get there.

I don't care. It's going up to 24 Celsius (75 Fahrenheit) in Sarasota tomorrow. By this time tomorrow, I will hopefully have dipped my toes in the ocean.

And the only white powdery stuff around will be the sand on the beach.

I'll be back online on February 25th.

I also have a short post up at Mommybloggers.


MamaBunny said...

Ah, Florida in February is a great place to be.

Lovebabz said...

Girl, enjoy your badd ass!
Sit in the sun and drink tropical tequila based drinks and think of nothing but how to avoid tan lines!
Ahhhh I was I was with you!

TNMomof5 said...

Wow, that's alot of snow!! Enjoy your trip :)

mom2amara said...

Girl, I would have met you at the airport for your layover! You should have said something sooner!

Enjoy the sun!

Jacqueline said...

oh! do have a mahvalous time sweets!!!- the two of you!

thejunkyswife said...

Happy Florida! I'm glad you'll be warm.

Kris, Skint in Europe said...


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hotshuz said...

wow! that is ALOT of snow.

Hope you enjoy florida

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Bff said...

Congrats on the great news! Wishing you all the best.B

Hiu said...

Ah, Florida in February is a great place to be.

Nit said...

Ahhhh I was I was with you!

Nuy said...

Ahhhh I was I was with you!

Ber said...

Ahhhh I was I was with you!