Thursday, March 22, 2007

skin deep

My spouse loves this picture of me.

I do not.

Yesterday, when we were sitting in the hospital waiting room, he stroked my face and said, "wrinkles."

I cringed. But he meant it as a good thing.

He tells me that I am more beautiful as I get older and he loves every line on my face.

Since he has always found me the most attractive when I am dressed casually and looking relaxed (the man thinks overalls are hot), I believe him.

The 'eye of the beholder', indeed.


amanda said...

Eric had a picture of me like that too...he took it while we were on an early-morning hike. I hadn't showered, my hair was crazy, and I was sweating like a madwoman. I Hated That Picture.

But he always said, "You look so happy though..."

Our husbands both knew what true beauty is!!

Anonymous said...

What a great guy. But, you know, it's a nice picture. It makes it a special pciture when you think about the vacation, the boys being so happy at the beach and having so much fun. It's a feel-good kind of picture.

Anonymous said...

I think you look terrific in that shot - you shine. A touch of both Kristin Scott Thomas & Julianne Moore mixed with a lot of just you. And the above only covers the outside... those who know you even a bit are aware that the whole package is one heck of a stunning powerhouse!!
(PS: the necklace is fab too :-)

laurie said...

Gee, thanks! And I love the necklace too.