Thursday, March 08, 2007

family road trip, day 1

Dateline: Scranton, PA.

Writing from a Holiday Inn with free wifi...

We hit the road as planned today, in the early afternoon (family and friends who know us well are no doubt reeling with shock).

The car was stuffed to the rafters. Suitcases, bags of books, pillows and blankets, no comfort was spared. The highlight of the trip was a dramatic reading of Edgar Allan Poe's The Bells by my eight year old son. He really is amazing.

The first thing my younger son did when we checked into the hotel was strip and jump up and down on the bed in front of the mirror yelling, "I'm naked, ha ha ha!"

Stinky D. is now in the bath. S. has read a three hundred page novel and is complaining that there is nothing to do. My spouse is about to go for a swim (there is a pool right outside our door but my spouse is the only one interested).

I am going to take it easy (our first cultural experience of the trip was a 'spiedie' in Binghamton, NY, an experience I do not care to repeat), have a scotch and hope that my children will fall asleep soon.

Update: S. has decided that he wants to go for a swim after all (he is being lured by the hot tub). Time to take over bath supervision.


amanda said...

I can't believe that you were considering swimming in Scranton at this time of year! Oh, well...I guess warmth is relative. I would be freezing though.

laurie said...

It was an indoor pool!!! We are not that tough. It was frickin' cold outside.