Sunday, March 18, 2007


Dateline: Savannah, Georgia.

They look so sweet, don't they? You would hardly think they had put us through hours of bickering, whining and yelling today, would you (see image reflected in the mirror to understand their tranquility)?

We had a wonderful time in Florida. I hope we can still remember it after the long drive home.

I would love to visit Savannah tomorrow. And check out the Carolinas. But we are pretty much in 'let's get home' mode.

It could be hours before the little monsters, I mean, my beautiful children fall asleep. I look forward to sleep, myself and, hopefully some respite from the nightmares I've been having (I think I am worrying about the ultrasound results that await me on Wednesday).

Lots more hours on the road tomorrow. And we hope to take in some barbecue.

Wish us luck (we ran into a family on the road with children who made mine look like angels. It gave me a little perspective on how things could be worse).

I'll have lots more to say when I get home and have some more time to myself.

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