Wednesday, March 07, 2007

and we're off....

Well, almost.

We're not finished packing or anything. But the plan is to hit the road shortly after noon tomorrow (my father-in-law called to check in on our famous "precision timing" this evening. My spouse and I are not exactly known for our organized departures).

  • I have the cold that hit my little son this past week end (the best immune system strengthening drugs in the world can't beat a three year old and all his creative ways of transmitting snot to his Mama). Given that my last couple of colds have landed me in the hospital, I am slightly worried, but so far my energy is good and I have no fever. Sometimes the sniffles really are just the sniffles.
  • The dog has been packed off to Auntie D.'s for the duration. I miss him already but he'll have a good time.
  • The woman who is house-sitting for us makes her living cleaning houses. This means that, when we return, our house will be cleaner than when we left it. We are also likely to find that everything has been rearranged, from large pieces of furniture to photos and knicknacks.
  • I am bringing knitting. Lots of it. I am making a blanket, based on a pattern that emulates log cabin quilts (from Mason-Dixon Knitting). I have been working on this project for some time, loving the colours and the feel of the yarn in my hands. I found a kind of relaxation in the repetitiveness and felt like I could keep knitting it forever. Until last night. Now I loathe it. The colours are garish and the yarn is too heavy. I am finding nothing but boredom in the repetitiveness and I can't wait to be finished with the damn thing. The blanket is coming with me and by the time I cross the border back into Canada it will be finished and I will be working on something else.
  • I'm bringing my laptop, loaded with hours of movies for the kids to watch in the car (although I still feel queasy at the thought of their little fingers all over it. A woman who names her computer does not relinquish it easily. However, I had to accept that it was the only one with sufficient memory). This means I can blog from the road, wifi or broadband permitting.
Time for bed. Going to try and sleep off this cold and get the packing done in the morning. We will be on the road by early afternoon, come hell or high water.

I really need this vacation.

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