Saturday, March 10, 2007

family road trip, day 3

Dateline: Brunswick, Georgia.

Another long day on the road. Here are some highlights:

We stopped at a children's museum in Fayetteville, NC. It was a great place to stop. D. especially loved dressing up and playing at the various activity centres, playing at being a cameraman, firefighter, police officer and shop keeper. He cracked me up when he played judge at the courthouse, sentencing "Mama Kingston-Wayne" to jail for being a bank robber. He's only three, but there he was, happily pounding away with the gavel. The whole place was pretty cool.

We had southern fried chicken, some b-b-q (we learned today that barbecue is a noun, as in "would you like a pint of barbecue?") and hush puppies (deep fried and battered corn bread. Mmmmmm). For dinner, I ordered a salad with grilled chicken and low-fat dressing. It came with grated cheese and little bits of something deep fried on it. It was all delicious but I am amazed that everyone in the south isn't morbidly obese.

Somewhere just north of Savannah, I noticed our first palm trees. My excitement at this lasted much longer than the children's. Long after they had returned to their video I was still exclaiming "Look! Palm trees!"

We passed a run-down looking building on the I-95 called the Risque Cafe. There were several 18 wheelers parked outside. If we had been alone I would have made my spouse stop. What exactly goes on at an "adult cafe"?

I think that we snagged the last hotel room in all of Southern Georgia (by the time we checked into the Microtel we had revised our expectations from 'hotel with indoor pool' to 'hotel with beds'). I am seriously bummed out because the plug in the bathtub doesn't work. I was very much looking forward to some quiet time to myself.

This is the second time I write this. The battery on my computer ran out when I was halfway through the first draft. Betsy also has fingerprints all over her screen and chips in her keyboard. This is the price I pay for quiet in the back seat (video time is an end of day reward in order to squeeze out a couple of extra hours of travel time). Betsy has been loaded with lots of kids' movies but once we are home again, only my fingers will be allowed to stroke her keys.

This time tomorrow I will be in Sarasota, Florida.

We've had fun but I am ready to be off the road for a while.

I am also ready to share a bed with my spouse again instead of one of the kids.


amanda said...

OHMIGOD you were in Fayetteville?! I live right up Ramsey/Green St from the Children's Museum...glad to know that you enjoyed it!

I've noticed the Risque Cafe on several occassions...and I've actually considered pulling off of exit 70 to take a few pics of the exterior of the place. What happens there? Do strippers act as waitresses? Can you buy sex toys with your waffles? I don't know...but there are always cars parked outside...

have a great rest of your trip!!

sassymonkey said...

Have you hit a Waffle House yet? A few months ago I got a wicked Waffle House craving that is destined to remain unfulfilled for a long time.

Deb said...

Jasper says hi. He's doing well, making friends with the felines...syd has come down off the top of the fridge a few times but the other 2 are sleeping with j- well in the same space, at least.

Enjoy your off road days! and the sunshine...

pocketina said...

Oh, some BBQ for me. That's about the ONLY thing I miss about Georgia. :-)

Enjoy Florida!! Hope you guys have a wild and fun time.

laurie said...

BBQ ribs for sure on the way back.

We did stop at a Waffle House, in Yulee, Florida but there was a huge lineup and we weren't up for it. The place was a majour biker hangout. They were all super-polite to us.