Tuesday, February 06, 2007

what price peace?

Today was a chemo day (just chemo, no Herceptin), so I have, of course, spent the evening in bed feeling yucky.

From the upstairs bedroom, I overheard the following, which took place on the ground floor of our house:

D., my three-year old son: "I want to watch Scooby Doo Meets Batman now." (incidentally, this is probably one of the worst videos of all time)

Spouse: "It's dinner time. You can watch some of the video after you've eaten. Come to the table now."

D.: "I want to watch Scooby Doo NOW!!!"

Spouse: "D., you have two choices, you can watch the video after you've eaten your dinner or you can go to your room."

[insert increasingly hysterical repetitions of "I want to watch the video now," until they have crescendoed into a full-fledged tantrum.]

S., my eight year old: "D., if you stop crying, I'll give you a penny."

D.: "OK."

D. came to the table and ate his dinner happily. When he was done, S. gave him a penny.

My spouse and I are fully cognizant of the myriad ways in which this was problematic. But we did think the whole thing was pretty funny. And S. did get his brother to eat.


Anonymous said...

I have no kids (and so, no parenting chops), so my only thought was,"Well, at least it wasn't a dollar." A penny for peace is pretty good!

Anonymous said...

as long as he thinks a penny is a good reward... is as long as i'd USE it as such. haha ;)

Anonymous said...

Just want you to know, I read your blog almost daily and am still keeping you in my prayers.
My best,
Comrade L

amanda said...

Your older boy is pretty bright! Some of the parents that I work with still use money as a bribe, and they have years of parenting experience.

Your 8-year-old is years ahead of the curve. :)

Chris said...

I wonder if it would work on George Bush. Might cost as much as $20, but you know, I'd go to the instabank for that.

Anonymous said...

Out of the mouth of babes (or older brothers). S is btight, resourceful, and compassionate, knowing that the most important thing is helping his brother get out of the box he was painting himself into. It's not a money bribe so much as a distraction. You're clearly doing something right.