Thursday, February 22, 2007

ho hum

So the layout of this blog is really boring me.

I have access to technical assistance to change things up but am feeling distinctly uninspired. I played around with the Blogger template this afternoon but ended up making few changes, wanting to keep things clean and accessible.

Any thoughts?

A new banner? Illustrations?

New font?

Larger type?

Any suggestions would be welcome.


Anonymous said...

Looking at your glasses, and the pics of our home, it seems that you like color, so how about more splashes of color?
Keeping you in my prayers,
Comrade L

amanda said...

Well...there are plenty of good, free blogspot templates on the web. So if you want to change, it will be easy.

That being said, I like the simplicity of this layout...but a new banner would be cool. If you can't make one yourself, I know that buying just a custom banner from a designer would only run you $15-$20.

I recommend Karen's done most of my design work for me.

deb said...

i love the idea of the colour (and your updated photo!) and new banner...maybe a change of font...funky to match you!

Susan said...

images! lots of nifty images to illustrate your posts. They're the most fun part of blogging for me; finding pictures to go with my words.

Flippy said...

The font is fine - it's easy to read, which is the most important thing. A new banner would be nice. Here's a cool site where you can play with logos and get some ideas -

Even if you don't change a thing, I'm perfectly happy with just reading the entries. Although, I totally understand wanting to change things up. I've been thinking of a new masthead. Hmm, maybe I'll even change the template colors. They were actually an accident, but I ended up liking those colors and sticking with them.

I'm in love with fonts, but I think most of them are harder to read than the basics. I still love playing with them, even if I can't use them. My computer is a font dumping ground. :)